Motors, Brakes & Clutches, Coils

Motors, brakes and clutches, coils and individual customer solutions.
Series production or individual individual solutions. We are also your contact for individual production steps – you can find more about this here.


Our precision motors are characterized by their smooth running, the special lo vibration and the highest quality.


We develop electrically adjustable magnetic brakes and clutches as well as permanent magnet hysteresis brakes.


We wind coils on bobbins and disembodied. As a single item or in series, depending on customer requirements.


No claim ist too high, no series production too low for us. We are your partner for individual special solutions.


All from a single source

We have specialized in small series, in combination with a high proportion of development and engineering. Our strengths are therefore special designs, adaptations and further developments of the existing product range. As a system integrator, we offer our customers real full-line service, from the conception of drive components to the development and construction that accompanies development, in-house prototype and sample construction, to series delivery. As an ATEX and ISO9001: 2015 certified production company, we have almost all relevant production technologies in-house.

360° panorama tour through our company

Kern Motion Technology in 180 secounds

The development and production of high-precision electric motors, clutches and brakes as well as professional coil winding technology is the focus of Kern Antriebstechnik GmbH. In the film you will discover the quality and accuracy behind each and every one of our products – our expertise in precision is what sets us apart.


From Lake of Constance to the world

As a medium-sized company, we are proud to have some well-known companies among our satisfied customers. For motors, precise coil winding technology or electric brakes and clutches, “Think Global – Act Local” applies. This is a daily challenge that we are happy to face. We are international partners from Lake Constance to all over the world. No matter where. Whether automotive, mechanical and plant engineering or high technology, our customers produce internationally.
As a system supplier, we deliver precisely the solutions that our customers around the world expect with commitment and know-how, at a price that is competitive. In order to meet this requirement, we maintain an extensive network of procurement and partner structures that enable us to react flexibly and quickly to the changing requirements of the market, thus ensuring our long-term performance and the success of our products.

Competence in precision