Adjustable hysteresis brake (PMB 2)

New: our adjustable hysteresis brake PMB-2. The special thing about this very compact brake is that the torque can be adjusted manually using the wheel on the outer diameter both when stationary and when in operation. The braking effect is thus generated completely without an electrical power supply.

Due to the special design, the hysteresis brake is also completely wear-free.
In addition, the brake works with a torque that is independent of the speed.
The brake is therefore ideal as an overload clutch or thread brake, for example in the textile sector or in the paper industry. The brake has a hollow shaft for power transmission, which is suitable for the use of a feather key.

Custom-made products can be manufactured on request.



Rated Torque: 2Nm
Min. torque (residual torque) *: > 0.1 Nm

Torque adjustment by hand via ring on the outer diameter
The brake can be adjusted both at a standstill and during operation. If the torque is reduced at standstill, a small cogging torque can occur.


Here you can download the data sheet for the hysteresis brake.

Download Datasheet (DE)

If further data or drawings are needed, please contact us.