Motion Technology – Motors, brakes and clutches and coils:
We offer serial production or individual solutions.



Our precision motors are characterized by their smooth running, the special low vibration and the highest quality.



We develop electrically adjustable magnetic particle brakes and clutches as well as permanent magnet hysteresis brakes.



We wind bobbins both on bobbins and disembodied. As a single item or in series, depending on customer requirements.


Custom solution

No claim is too high for us, no series production too low for us. We are your partner for individual special solutions.


Competence in precision

The development and production of high-precision electric motors, clutches and brakes as well as professional coil winding technology is the focus of Kern Antriebstechnik GmbH. We specialize in small series, in combination with a high percentage of development and engineering. Our strengths are thus special designs, customization and the further development of our existing product range. As a system integrator, we offer our customers real full-line service, from the conception of drive components through development and accompanying construction, the in-house prototyping up to the series delivery. As an ATEX and ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturing company, we have virtually all relevant manufacturing technologies in house.

360° tour through our company

Latest News

Kern Motion Technology keeps you up to date. Regardless of whether new products, certifications or internal changes. Here you can see what is happening at Kern and what we value.

Company vacation from December 21st to January 8th

Our company will be closed from December 21st, 2020 to January 8th, 2021. During this time no goods can be accepted or dispatched. We wish you a contemplative advent, Merry[…]

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Kern Motion Technology provides insights into the company

Our new 360° panorama tour takes you through the entire building. We will guide you through our office and meeting rooms as well as through production. Do you have any[…]

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Kern Motion Technology shines in new splendor

We have modernized our company. Kern Motion Technology shines in new splendor. We look forward to welcome you.

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From the Lake Constance region to the world

As a medium sized company, we are proud to count some well-known companies to our satisfied customers. For motors, precision coil winding or electrical brakes and clutches we put “Think Global – Act Local” into practice. This is a daily challenge that we like to set ourselves.


We are an international partner from Lake Constance to the whole world, no matter where.Whether automotive, mechanical and plant engineering or high technology, our customers produce internationally. As a system supplier, we deliver with commitment and know-how exactly the solutions that our customers around the world expect, at a price that is competitive. In order to meet our requirements, we maintain a broad network of suppliers and partners that enable us to be flexible and responsive to changing needs and to react to the market, thus securing our long term performance and the success of our product.


Values ​​that distinguish us

Since 2002, Kern Antriebstechnik GmbH has been certified as a manufacturer of small motors according to ISO 9001. Since 2003 we have been a production site for the manufacture of products for operation in explosive atmospheric conditions according to ATEX. Therefore, we attach great importance to motivated, dedicated and well trained employees who value the quality of our products as much as our customers do.


A core product is always as individual as its application. Industry requirements and special applications are very different, so all our products are carefully customized solutions for the applications of our customers. Our products are custom-made: the standard solution does not exist at Kern. We are proud of that because this is one of our unique selling points.


As a medium-sized company with short communication and production paths, decisions can be made quickly thus guaranteeing short turnaround times.

This is only possible if all capabilities and production processes, from drive software through cutting, plastic mold injection up to the tool building, are in house.

Kern manufactures precision drives, above all electric motors with maximum smoothness and best concentricity.

Especially very sensitive applications profit from these qualities, be it for example, measuring machines or production machines with high demands on precision and accuracy. Our brakes and clutches are reliable with no residual torque, and stop precisely at the point required. Kern coils are customized based on years of experience with customer requirements. Coils may be wound in exact layers, so the highest possible effectivity is achieved in even the smallest space.

For products, employees and environment:

We take responsibility for our products and thus for the success of our customers. Reliability and longevity characterize our products. We maintain a cooperative corporate culture based on respect and trust. We take our social responsibility for the health and the wellbeing of our employees seriously as we recognize that they are our most valuable asset. We are aware of our ecological responsibility as a company and therefore we are careful with our use of resources.




Drive technology for industrial trucks, conveyor belts, lathes grinding machines …


High-precision servomotors for laser measuring machines, measuring tables, coordinate measuring machines, gantry measuring devices …


Powerful hysteresis brakes in weaving machines, reeling and tensioning stations, rewinding machines….


Paint warmer to increase the efficiency of mobile and stationary paint spraying systems for crafts and industry…