(DA Series)

The servomotors of the DA series are characterized by their extreme accuracy in control with a minimal residual torque, and are therefore predestined for use in metrology where accuracy of positioning in µ-area is expected. The perfect concentricity and the small installation dimensions will make them especially suitable for sensitive and efficient machines needed for economic production.



Solid line = continuous operation: At an ambient temperature of 25 ° C, the maximum armature temperature is reached with continuous load.
Dashed line = repeatable work area (S-3): This area can be used under different load characteristics. It is limited by the influence of temperature, commutation and demagnetization.
Dashed two-dot line = short-term operation: The motor may be loaded briefly and repeatedly. If this range is exceeded, the motor will be irreversibly damaged.

Tolerances according to VDE 0530. For values ​​not specified according to VDE 0530, a tolerance of +/- 10% applies.
If the output shaft is fitted with a shaft seal, a slightly lower torque is to be expected due to friction losses. The technical data given in the table and the performance curves relate to a DC voltage supply with a permissible harmonic content of up to 5%. The data are only valid for use in an ambient temperature of 0 ° C to 40 ° C. This range must neither be exceeded nor fallen below, otherwise there is a risk of permanent magnetic weakening.

Subject to technical changes


Attachments for engines

Gearbox: Planetary gearboxes of the PLE series are available for all motors. An assignment and a detailed description of the gearbox to the individual motor types here.
Brakes: The brakes are spring-applied holding brakes, which are described in more detail in the Braking section.
Encoder: The associated encoders are magnetic shaft encoders with a pulse count of 500 (motor 4DA) or 1000 pulses / rev (motor 5DA – 8DA).
Tachos: DC tacho generators with a voltage constant of 3V (motor 4DA) or 5V / 1000min-1 (motor 5DA – 8DA) are used as tachos.
DC servo controller: An assignment of the controller to the motor types and a description of the controller can be found in the section Servo controller.