(P Series)

The DC Servomotors of the P series, with their power of up to 1000W, are particularly suitable for use in general engineering and high-power applications, for example in grinding machines.
They are accurate in speed and temperature stable. They are particularly durable and reliable and therefore economical to use. For special applications they are available up to IP68.



Accessories and add-on components for engines

Gearbox: Planetary gearboxes of the PLE series are available for all motors. An assignment and a detailed description of the gearbox to the individual motor types can be found here …
Brakes: The brakes are spring-loaded holding brakes. The supply voltage for the brakes is 24 VDC. The respective holding torques are assigned to the motors.
Power is supplied via a separate connection line (special designs on request).
Encoder: Two different encoder types are optionally available:
Type 1: 2-channel encoder with a pulse number of 500 or 1000 pulses / rev
Type 2: 6-channel encoder with 500 or 1000 pulses / rev, each with a 5 V signal.
Tachos: The tachogenerators are tachogenerators with permanent magnet excitation. The rotor of the tachometer generator is positively connected to the motor shaft, so that the engine speed is unaltered as the ACTUAL speed for the tachometer generator. Silver graphite is used for the carbon brushes.
Detailed technical data and special designs on request.
Cover hood: A suitable cover hood is available to protect the 2nd shaft end.
DC servo controller: An assignment of the controller to the motor types and a description of the controller can be found in the section Servo controller.


Electrical connections with plug connection
Protection class IP 40
Insulation class F
Optionally with or without a 2nd shaft end
Color quartz gray
Ball bearings in 2Z design


Electrical connection with 1m cable
Special voltages
Motor shaft and connection flange according to customer drawing
Protection class IP 55


Tolerances according to VDE 0530. For values ​​not specified according to VDE 0530, a tolerance of +/- 10% applies.
With the IP 55 version, a slightly lower torque is to be expected due to friction losses due to the installation of shaft seals.
The technical data given in the table refer to a direct current voltage supply with a permissible harmonic content of up to 5%.
The data are only valid for use in an ambient temperature of 0 ° C to 40 ° C. This range must neither be exceeded nor fallen below, otherwise there is a risk of permanent magnetic weakening.