New Kern Magnet Powder Brake

New Kern Magnet Powder Brake


Our product family of magnetic particle brakes is growing! 

Beside our already available Magnet powder brakes, MPB10, MPB25 and MPB50 our product-line now becomes bigger with a new version. The new version is now available and has a 100Nm braking torque. Similar to the other versions, it is possible to use different hollow shaft diameters and an optional heat sink, consequently the brake can be configured for the respective customer requirements. The Brakes are also compatible with each other, because of the same plug connection.

Our Magnet powder brakes characterized by their very smooth running, regardless of whether it is at high or low torque. Due the compact construction our brakes are suitable for many different applications. They are for example used for test benches, or in the textile- and paper industry.
The brakes are completely produced in our house, so they are down to the smallest detail “made in Germany”

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