Machines & Production

Machines & production

Machining with toolmaking, plastic injection molding, winding technology, testing technology, measuring machines

We are also your partner for individual production steps. With a diverse range of machines, we can produce end products such as motors, brakes, clutches and spools can also take over individual production steps for you. For this purpose, our production offers machines for machining with toolmaking, plastic injection molded parts and a wide variety of winding techniques. We are also well equipped in testing and measurement technology and can therefore meet various customer requirements. Take a virtual tour of our company building and view our company with production in a 360 ° panorama tour on our website. Below you will find an extract from our machine park and thus our possibilities.

Machining with toolmaking


Our spectrum ranges from conventional turning to CNC-controlled lathe with gantry loader.
Maximum diameter of the components 360mm; maximum length 700mm

(Not shown machines: CT40, Weiler Condor B, Labor)

Twin 65

Lathe Optimum

Mori Seiki NUX 2500Y

Mori Seiki NZX 2000

Twin 32


We are particularly well equipped when it comes to milling.
Maximum diameter of round components 450mm; maximum length 360mm
Maximum size of flat components 500 x 450 x 360 mm (L X W X H); Maximum weight 300kg

(Not shown machines: Konradi)

Hermle C 20V

Hermle C250 

Hermle C 30U


We meet customer requirements for flat and cylindrical grinding.
Cylindrical grinding: maximum diameter of the components 200mm; maximum length 700mm flat grinding: maximum length of the components 500mm; maximum width 270mm

ELB Optimal 6375 ND
Flat grinding

Studer S33
Cylindrical grinding

What else we are able to do

Christian Gierth HNZ Keyseating machine 

Garant 35 4210 SU1
Shrink device

Cosen Saws G320
Sawing machine

Zimmer+Kreim 850
Earth EDM machine

Plastic injection molding

In plastic injection molding, we rely on machines from the Arburg brand.
Maximum molded part weight 66 g Maximum clamping force of our machines 1300kN 

(Not shown machines: Arburg 320 M)

Arburg 220M

Arburg 1200T

Arburg 420C

Winding technology

We offer 3 types of winding technology in our production: stator / coil / and armature winding technology.
Our equipment enables us to manufacture spools with a diameter of 20 mm up to a diameter of 300 mm.

Not shown machines: Ramm B30, F.U.R. W15, Ramm AW100

Stator winding technology Nide
Double flyer machine

Stator winding technology Nide Double needle winder

simple needle winder

Stator winding technology

Coil winding technology Meteor

Friske Höpfner
Coil winding technology

Testing technology

As specialists for brakes, clutches and engines, we have to develop test benches
to our repertoire.

Device for leak testing

Testing for stators

Device for high voltage testing

Test bench for clutches and brakes

Engine test bench

Measuring machines

When it comes to measurements, we use the latest technology and the highest precision.

Aberlink Axiom

Aberlink Xtreme