Summer, We are ready!

Summer, We are ready!

We ensure a pleasant working atmosphere eben on hot days.

Even if it seems, that the summer 2021 still a bit long in coming in Germany, we are already well prepared for the hot days. Our renewed Ceiling fans ensure the necessary heat circulation, because our domed roof which is above, can be opened in the entire production hall. Thus there is a very enjoyable working climate in our house, even on hot summer days. Ceiling Fans are not just suitable for the necessary cooling on hot summer days, they also help in winter to distribute the heating air in the room efficiently, by that we save up a lot of heating costs.

For you Information: Because our ceiling fans sometimes need a break in summer, our company are closed from 02.08.2021-20.08.2021. Please note that we have no incoming or outgoing goods during this time.

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